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Valentine’s Day 2017

Happy late Valentine’s Day! I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating those you love. Since it fell on Tuesday this year, we had taco Tuesday, Valentine’s edition for dinner last night! The kid’s were thrilled…fiesta chicken tacos are their favorite!Displaying IMG_1412.JPG

For dessert I surprised them with the home-version of fondue. Yummy strawberries and apples and marshmallows to dip in chocolate. They’d never had it before, so it was quite a treat!
Displaying IMG_1413.JPG






Curly girl’s favorite part were the strawberries, and Science boy’s was the marshmallows. Such are their personalities that they’d choose total opposite favorites! That’s just how having kiddos goes sometimes.Displaying IMG_1416.JPG

Our furry child didn’t get on the food fun, but he did get some special attention last night too!

He says Happy V-day!

The Hubs and I delayed our celebration together for a later date because of some things we’re dealing with currently. (Hello roof that needs to be repaired, I’m talking to you!) But it almost felt like a GIANT AMAZING gift last night when I was able to make the final payments on THREE of our credit cards! That’s right, THREE cards are PAID OFF in full! Talk about exciting!

We’ve set ourselves a goal of getting as much of our debt paid off as possible so that we can focus on either building or purchasing a new home for our family! So I’ve been looking for ways to expedite our plan, and I’m really hoping it’s going to be successful. I hope that you’ll join me on this journey and enjoy some of the humor along the way!

So let me know, are you in a situation similar to mine? Are you working to get yourself out from under debt? Or are you trying to find the right balance between work and home life? (I know I am!)


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