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Curly Girl’s Birthday!

Today is my Curly Girl’s 8th birthday!

Every year for the kid’s birthdays they wake up to some sort of surprise (aka Mom likes to have fun with the OMG IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY stuff). In fact, they asked me last night before they went to bed what I would do this year. Haha! They say I’m embarrassing, but deep down they love the attention.Displaying IMG_1425.JPG

So I decorated the kitchen for Curly Girl to wake up to. Feather boa’s draped everywhere, a special pink plate at her spot with a birthday princess sash and headband…everything I could get my hands on at 10pm last night.

She was NOT thrilled with my enthusiasm. In fact, she was quite upset that I wanted to take her picture. She’d only agree to wear the sash to school (my poor, cute headband), and she wouldn’t even let me sing happy birthday to her in front of all her friends! Haha, yes I’m totally that mom. (No, I didn’t embarrass her anyway. I let her off easy this year.)

Displaying IMG_1286.JPG

We’d already thrown her a rockin’ party over the weekend. She wanted a fancy dinner, and boy did she get it!

She’s such a doll.

I hope that her birthday holds lots of fun and special moments for her today.



In non-related news, I’m super excited to get home from work today. I’ll have a package waiting for me! (I love mail, don’t you guys?) Inside it will be my new makeup kit! Eep! I’m going to be doing an unboxing video so I can show you guys all of the cool new stuff I got. I’ll post it here tomorrow! Be on the lookout!

I hope everyone has a lovely day!


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