The short:

I am a wife…

…a mother…

…a writer…

…a lover of makeup…

…and an introvert who loves public speaking.

Yep, I’m definitely unique.

The long:

The Hubs and I got married in September 2016, which was pretty much The Best Day Ever. Not only do I get to spend every single day with my best friend, but I also gained a beautiful diva of a step-daughter.

My son, we’ll call him Science Boy, is nine and in the fourth grade. He’s into all things science and math (and Pokemon and video gaming). His goal in life is to get his PhD in a scientific field and invent a DNA scanner that can identify bones for excavators and investigators alike, and I can’t wait to see where that takes him.

My step-daughter, who we’ll call Curly Girl, is eight and in the second grade. She is a girly-girl through and through who loves makeup and sleepovers and all things purple. Her goal in life is to become a Pediatrician, and I hope every day that she follows that dream.

We have a puppy too! He’s a 10 month old German Shepherd, who we’ll call Fluff on here. He loves his Kong bone and his tennis ball. His goal in life is to chase all the squirrels out of our yard and to cover the house in his hair. Ha!

I write fictional stories for Young Adults in the spare time I have around working the day job. I’ve written three so far, and am hoping to someday get one traditionally published. I’ve recently written my first Picture Book story as well, so who knows what avenue may delight me next.

I am also a presenter for Younique makeup. I grew up in the pageant world, where wearing makeup is as much of a given as breathing. So I’ve seen more than my share of the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of my favorite things to do is to try new looks and new products, and I can’t wait to share some of them with you!